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Joe Day Pest Control offers its services to all of the homes and businesses in and around the Warwickshire Coventry, Banbury and surrounding areas. Whether its rat or mice treatment, squirrels, bedbugs, fleas or flies and many more, we've got your covered.

Jumping , crawling or flying - We can help you protect your home or business today.


We help all of the homes in Warwickshire,Banbury and coventry to stay pest free! Pests come in all shapes and sizes and can be detrimental to your business, stringent requirements in food safety as well as local authorities require businesses to take positive action in stopping, preventing and managing any infestations.  I tackle everything from rodents to flea treatment to bedbug removal and all other manner of insect! If it flies jumps or crawls I have a solution. Rats and mice in particular can populate very quickly, at the earliest sign of a rodent infestation give us a call before the problem escalates. Did you know two adult rats can populate to over 1,250 rats in 1 year! ​ At Joe Day Pest Control we can provide monthly visits to provide an ongoing integrated pest management approach to manage a pest issue, this shows due diligence as a business, working with a qualified pest control technician to maximise safety in your business. ​ Pests can affect your business in a number of ways- Significant damage to the structure of the building Loss of stock/product by consumption Contamination of disease through various forms of transmission Loss of confidence from customers ​ Each commercial client will have the relative risk assessments provided specific to the business as well as information relative to the treatment or strategy being applied, ongoing contact support from Joe Day Pest Control and regular reviews to confirm the strategy applied is the most effective. ​ Enquire below for a survey of your business today!

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Whether its rats, mice, wasps, squirrels, cockroaches, bedbugs or other insects, we aim to attend and survey your property within 24 hrs.  Pests can cause significant damage to your property. Rats in particular can gnaw through solid surfaces whilst trying to access food, water and somewhere to nest. They can transfer disease through various means of contact. Rodents will infest any property and should not be associated with a dirty or untidy home. They are known as commensal rodents and will always be found near to humans due to living often from the waste produced and harborage/ nesting opportunities a home provides. Depending on the size of the infestation and the type of pest , multiple visits will be required and options and treatment plans can be discussed upon survey. Did you know mice are known to carry and transfer diseases such as salmonella and Listeria to humans! A robust integrated pest management plan will be actioned and treatment can start immediately, this could consist of- Tidying and removal of harborage None toxic control methods Spring traps Monitoring Live catch Rodenticide/pesticide (If required) Ongoing contact will be maintained to ensure treatment is effective. Professional advice will be given to ensure the customers needs are met.  A paper or electronic treatment report will be given to you upon completion of any work undertaken.  Upon completion of work, proofing to prevent a new infestation can be completed and discussed accordingly. This ranges from advice given to rodent proof measures being installed such a mesh's and rodent covers. Note; there is a survey fee applicable on the initial visit (if a survey is required) however this is discounted following completion of a treatment plan.

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