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Qualified,experienced,Insured Pest control technician.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What areas do you cover?
    Joe Day Pest Control serves the Warwickshire, Banbury and Coventry area as well as all of the surrounding areas. It's always worth asking if you are unsure, if I'm unable to help you then I will at least try to offer you some advice where possible.
  • How long does treatment take?
    Treatment times largely depend on what the infestation is, the scale of the infestation as well as the area covered. In all treatments or surveys I will give the best time frame I can offer to answer this.
  • What hours does Joe Day Pest Control operate?
    I currently offer a 24 hour service. The way this works is quite simple, providing the matter is urgent in nature and warrants an out of hours call out, I will attend regardless of the time of day/night.
  • How do you deal with rat treatment?
    There are a wide variety of treatments available ranging from none toxic control methods such as advice to remove a food source or harbourage, escelating to traps and if required poison can be utilised. This is all part of an intergrated pest management which considers all options along side a robust risk assessment.
  • So how much does it cost?
    This is very difficult to answer. Accurate quotes can be provided once I am in receipt of all the relevant information. I pride myself on being as close to, if not to the penny on every job I complete.
  • What if it doesn't work?
    There are some pests that will occasionally need additional treatments. This will always be discussed prior to the first treatment being completed as to maintain an honest, open and transparent attitude to resolving the problem. Advice will always be given to prevent any re-infestation of insects and rodents however it can be sometimes difficult to achieve and often, environmental factors will play a large part.
  • Do you offer Bedbug removal?
    I do indeed. Bedbugs are extremely difficult to tackle without the help of a professional. They can go for extended periods of time without "eating" and due to the size and shape, are able to hide in very small cracks and crevices. Luckily I have the appropriate equipment to treat them and generally use a combination of heat and chemicals to eradicate them completely!
  • Are the treatment methods safe around my children and or pets?
    Rest assured, a full risk assessment will be conducted prior to commencing any treatment. All aspects of my pose no risk to any children , pets any other persons. Quite simply put, if there is a risk it is mitigated through safe working practices, or it wont go ahead.
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