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Wasps of 2022.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The summer of 2022 Has shown a huge increase in the number of wasps invading your homes , businesses and outdoor areas!

Wasp Queens do not discriminate with where they set up their nest. Providing at the time of landing there in the early spring, there is cover from shelter and Warmth. Anything goes!

Warmer temperatures this year have contributed to shorter life cycles. This in turn allows for the number of wasps and the size of a wasp nest to quite easily become very large. Certainly if it has gone un-noticed throughout the summer it can quite fill a reasonable area within a loft space or shed area.

This obviously increases the risk of stings! Not to mention the nuisance they can cause when you or your customers are sat outside enjoying the warmer weather. Wasps will be attracted to the scents and aromas of food and drink.

As the temperature steadily starts to drop, we will see a decrease in wasp activity and the existing queens will leave the nests in attempts to hibernate through the winter before emerging in the spring to repeat the cycle.

The image attached highlights the risks associated with wasp's nests. The occupier of this property opened the shed to complete some summer time garden jobs and unknowingly split open a wasp nest, somehow the homeowner did not suffer a sting!


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